Introducing Parsa Trust

We are a group of Bible-believing Christians, who desire to bring the Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ to the Persian (Farsi) speaking people of Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan and the surrounding Persian-speaking region. As there are millions of Persian speakers scattered throughout the world, we aim to make these Christian resources also available to them.

We achieve our goals by publishing and distributing Christian literature for evangelism of the lost, discipleship of believers and theological training of underground church leaders.

We are also involved in the translation and publication of the Scriptures and other useful Biblically faithful books. We try to send all of our publications free of charge to those who cannot afford it.

The Need of the Hour

The Persian churches and believers both in and out of Iran are in the great need of Scriptural evangelistic and teaching material.

Brethren Pray For Us …

You can support us in various ways, namely by prayer, that the Lord would bless the many thousands who receive our literature and view and download the articles and books online. You can also support the work by make it known among other churches and believers, and distribute our literature among Persian (Farsi) speakers who you come in contact with.

Help Us To Publish and Send Out More …

Also you can support the ministry by your financial gifts. In this way we will be able to publish and distribute more literature.

Help the Persecuted and Needy Believers …

Please be aware that you can also help us to give diaconal help to various contacts and their families in and out of Iran who are suffering for the sake of Jesus Christ.

Soon we will have a dedicated PayPal and Bank Account facility to send gifts.

If you would like to give to toward this ministry, please contact us.

Doctrinal Belief …

Parsa Trust holds to and promotes the doctrines more commonly known as Reformed and Evangelical. Our trustees hold to the following doctrinal confessions: Second London Baptist Confession of Faith, Westminster Standards or Three Forms of Unity.


For those who are outside of UK and would like to support us, we recommend you go to this link to give by credit card or PayPal.

For those in UK, you can send a bank transfer through our ministry bank account. The details are…

Parsa Trust
Barclays Bank
Sort Code: 20-45-45
Account Number: 53485587